Enjoy a Safe Space

We know how important the privacy and security is when it refers to your baby’s private photos. Fear of loss of even one single memory makes us duplicate and synchronize them on various carriers. We keep our photo and memory albums in a chest and tenderly take care of them to pass it on from generation to generation.

Yes, we know how hard it is to ensure the safety of our photos and videos both on devices and in storages, and how insecure we feel when saving the most valuable memories on them. In our endeavors to provide our users with most secure image hosting, we have built our baby photo app based on the most advanced technologies to ensure your digital family album’s versatile privacy and security.

feel safe and secure

First, we cared about your account’s security.  We limited the only access to it from the device it was activated on, so that It can never be hacked by a third party. If you loose your device, no worries, your baby journal account will be activated according to request from your initial phone number. Just get a new activation code and continue enjoying your safe and secure Mmme family album.

Second, we cared about the safety. No single memory can be lost from your image hosting, as due to technology we use it is being regularly backed up. Thus, all you have to do is upload your photos and videos in your private photo and video sharing app and enjoy the journey!

And finally, we cared about your privacy. Your baby’s digital photo album will be available only to people you invite to the app and tag in the photo. Intimacy is what we value, especially when it refers to the family.