Share Your Happiness With The Family

“You haven’t sent me the baby’s photos for a while”! This is what, we guess, many of us, parents, hear from our moms, grandpas, sisters and cousins. And this is what prompts us to dig in our phone to find the latest and cutest photo of our baby and send it to his or her admirers!

We truly realize how valuable engagement of the family in the kid’s life is. We also know how important the granting that joy of admiration to our parents and grandparents, siblings and cousins is. Because we believe, that family is the key to happy childhood, and the bigger it is, the happier the kid will grow. We believe, that keeping family traditions and involving our ancestors in our baby’s life makes him a stronger and self-confident person.

share your happiness

This was the very reason our baby photo app is designed to be storytelling app for the entire family. We cared to create a private photo and video sharing space, a close and safe place to exchange emotions and memories with each other, with the closest ones only.

It is here that you can freely place your private photos and videos and be sure, that only those, who you choose to invite to your baby journal app and tag in your memory will have an access to it. Mmme is intended to become a faithful guardian of your most intimate memories.  So tag a family member in your family album and share the most charming moments of your baby. Make everyone you love smile and let your Mmme baby journal be full of magical events. We hope that Mmme will become another space for interaction with your family, creating common memories and enjoying the most precious moments of your life.