There is nothing more important than family. We take every opportunity to capture moments that are special to us. From baby’s first steps to learning how to ride a bike. There are so many amazing moments that we capture in photos and videos, moments we never want to lose.

We hold on to all our memories so that we can relive them. But it can be difficult at times. When all our images and videos are scattered around in different mediums. It can make it difficult to keep track of everything and more importantly keep it all safe and secure.

It’s important to ensure we use the best methods to keep them secure.

1.Safe in your own home

This tried and tested method has worked for centuries. Keep everything tangible and close to you. You have full control over your most important memories.

It can make you feel warm and safe knowing they are close by, but it is not always the most comfortable. Photos hiding in boxes under the stairs and albums up in the attic can make it hard to find that memory when you need it.

Imagine the sound of your child’s laughter playing about the house. You pine to see that one birthday photo, the one where they blew out all the candles and you can’t find it. You can’t find it because you don’t remember which photo album you stored it in. When you do remember, you can’t find that album and the moment has passed.

It is great to keep your memories close, but take special precautions. You need to worry about fading, creasing, staining, and tearing. And there is always the concern that you could lose them in everyday events.

It can be difficult managing all your memories this way.

2. Storing your memories on a hard drive or online

To keep all your digital memories safe, store them on your personal hard drive or in the cloud. Storing your photos on your hard drive and the cloud means you can keep them safe and portable.

You can store thousands of images and videos on your hard drive and the cloud, but it can be cluttered. Finding baby’s first smile or their excitement at meeting Santa for the first time can be difficult. Lack of organisation loses the story.

There are plenty of providers so ensure that you do your research.

There is always the worry that the unthinkable can happen. Hard drives can malfunction, incur damage or things can be accidentally deleted. The cloud can be hacked or infected with a virus, and there is an ever growing concern over privacy protection. Your memories can become lost or stolen forever.

3. MMME Family Memory Album

The most emotional baby journal and private photo sharing app for the family.

The MMME mobile app is the best place to store your children’s moments. A private video and photo sharing space built with care. They put the lives of your children first. Using the most advanced technologies to keep your child’s memories safe and secure. Your account cannot be hacked and can only be accessed from your device.

Their digital photo album helps you keep all your memories organised and easy to find. MMME is designed to be a storytelling app. With their easy-to-use digital photo album, you can be telling your child’s story in no time.

They understand that as much as we love looking back over our child’s life, we love to share those memories with friends and family. MMME makes it safe and secure to share your private photos and videos with whoever you want.

You do not have to worry about ever losing a single photo or video with MMME. MMME technology is designed to be safe and secure and is regularly backed up for you.

MMME will never let you lose a moment again.